In order to provide our clients with the most current knowledge and tools to stay ahead, we partner with some of the world’s leading organizations in our industry, and you can click HERE to become a member.


Crayon Webs Limited

Our affiliation with Crayon Webs Limited gives us access to the largest and most up-to-date books and learning resources available in the world for individuals, schools and businesses.

This affiliation also gives us access to some of the world’s leading authors and business consultants.

To find out more about what we are able to offer through our relationship with Wiley International.



The Leadership Challenge®

Through our affiliation with The Leadership Challenge®, we are able to adapt (to our specific client’s needs) and to deliver the world’s Number 1 research-based business and organizational leadership development program.

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Capsim Management Simulations Inc.

Our affiliation with Capsim Management Simulations Inc. allows us to deliver one of the world’s leading Finance, Business and Strategy simulation-based training programs.

To find out more about the Foundation Business simulation®, Capstone Business Simulation®, and other simulation solutions.



Serebra Learning Corporation

In collaboration with Serebra Learning Corporation, we provide organizations in the private and public sectors with a turnkey Online Learning Management System that allows them to host over 5,000 off-the-shelf e-learning courses as well as host online their own organization-specific instructor-led training programs for easy low cost access by their employees 24/7, from anywhere.

To find out more about our Online LMS® Solution and how this may help you develop your human capital at low cost.



African Institute of Business Simulations (AIBS)

We partner with the AIBS to provide low cost, 24/7 on-line learning opportunities for individuals and organizations. Our e-School® provides access to over 1500 certification and professional level courses covering: Information Technology, Desktop Computer Skills, Marketing & Selling, Business Management, Personal Financial Management, Customer Service, Leadership and soft skills.

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